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Halliburton Loophole

"Father of Fracking"
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Shale Gas

Fracking Pennsylvania

Thousands of feet below the surface of Pennsylvania are the Marcellus and Utica shale formations and their reserves of natural gas. Since 1859, more than 325,000 oil and gas wells have been drilled in the state, and many areas still bear the scars of strip-mining for coal. Since 2004 nearly 3,000 new wells have been drilled in Pennsylvania.

Two recent court cases - more here:

31 October 2013 Courthouse News Service - A Pennsylvania doctor cannot fight a "medical gag rule" that he says forces physicians to keep the public ignorant of the health dangers of hydrofracking, a federal judge ruled.
Rodriguez, who specializes in renal diseases, hypertension and advanced diabetes in Dallas, Pa., said the law prevents doctors from telling patients or the public about the health dangers of hydraulic fracturing.

22 July 2013 Court House News - The United States sued Exxon subsidiary XTO Energy, claiming its hydraulic fracking has polluted public drinking waters in Pennsylvania with toxic wastes.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection has been busy:

 1 July 2010 The Department of Agriculture quarantined cattle from a Tioga County farm after a number of cows came into contact with drilling wastewater from a nearby natural gas operation.
"We took this precaution in order to protect the public from consuming any of this potentially contaminated product should it be marketed for human consumption.”

27 September 2013 DEP’s Office of Oil and Gas Management has implemented recommendations to further protect Pennsylvania’s natural resources, part of the commitment of Gov. Corbett and the General Assembly who have worked hard to adopt environmental standards that are now national standards.

30 May 2013 The Department of Environmental Protection ordered two natural gas drilling companies, Range Resources - Appalachia LLC and Chief Oil and Gas LLC, to suspend operations at separate sites in Lycoming County for violating Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law.

15 July 2012 - Shale gas is so deep and fracking involves handling massive amounts of water, shale gas development leaves a bigger footprint on the landscape than does conventional drilling.

13 December 2011 DEP successfully vents abandoned gas well in Versailles; Family allowed to return home in time for Christmas

2010 11 wells were plugged using Pennsylvania’s Orphan Well Plugging Fund at a cost to the state of $137,348. DEP has documented more than 8,700 wells throughout the state that were abandoned prior to passage of modern oil and gas drilling regulations.

 2009-2010 - The Department of Environmental Protection ordered Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation to cease all natural gas well hydro fracking operations in  Dimock, Susquehanna County and fined them hundreds of thousand of dollars.  Cabot Oil & Gas failed to address migrating gas from drilling operations that contaminated groundwater and the drinking water supplies of 14 homes in the region.

13 June 2010 DEP staff and drilling operators discussed the status of ongoing gas migration investigations at drilling sites and reviewed proposed regulations that strengthen well construction standards and establish procedures for reporting gas migration problems.

2010 - 259 abandoned oil and gas wells plugged in 2010 Many of the wells were leaking oil, acid mine drainage or natural gas.

2010 - DEP was forced to act quickly to plug an abandoned oil well that wass releasing natural gas into the air near a residential neighborhood in Moon Township, Allegheny County.

14 July 2010 Department of Environmental Protection looking into the cause of a  fire at a natural gas well pad in Susquehanna County.

13 July 2010 Untrained personnel and the failure to use proper well control procedures were the principal causes of a natural gas well blowout in Clearfield County, according to an independent investigationby the Department of Environmental Protection

7 June 2010 DEP Orders EOG Resources to halt all natural gas drilling activities in Pennsylvania after a blowout at a Clearfield County wells sent natural gas and at least 35,000 gallons of drilling wastewater into the sky and over the ground for 16 hours.

14 May 2010 The Department of Environmental Protection has fined Range Resources $141,175 for spill of fluids from a gas drilling operation that killed fish and aquatic life in a high-quality waterway in Hopewell Township, Washington County.

13 May 2010 The Department of Environmental Protection has fined Rex Energy Operating Corp. $45,000 for numerous environmental violations at the company’s Alder Run natural gas well site in Cooper Township, Clearfield County.

5 May 2010 Commission review of pending or future proposed water withdrawals to be used to supply water to natural gas extraction projects, including Stone Energy’s proposed water withdrawal from the West Branch Lackawaxen River in Mount Pleasant Township, Wayne County

28 April 2010 The Department of Environmental Protection gathered samples to analyze air quality in areas near natural gas operations in Washington and Greene counties after complaints from residents about odors.

20 April 2010 DEP met with gas drilling companies to discuss ways to prevent dangerous gas migration situations, safeguard homes and water supplies

25 February 2010 The Department of Environmental Protection has ordered Schreiner Oil and Gas Co. to provide a permanent solution to pennsylvania10.htmwater supply issues at two homes impacted by the company’s drilling activity near Hedgehog Lane, McKean County.

3 February 2010 Department of Environmental Protection open a new Oil and Gas Management office in Scranton, Lackawanna County, to improve the agency’s ability to oversee and respond to issues stemming from increased natural gas drilling throughout the region.

1 February 2010 The Department of Environmental Protection fined Fortuna Energy Inc. $3,500 for violations at three of the company’s natural gas wells in Troy Township, Bradford County.

13 January 2010 The Susquehanna River Basin Commission ordered Texas-based Novus Operating LLC, a natural gas drilling company, to immediately cease all water-related activities at two drilling pad sites in the Marcellus shale formation in Brookfield Township, Tioga County. The company began drilling two wells without prior approval.

7 January 2010 Atlas Resources, LLC was fined $85,000 for violations of the Oil and Gas Act, the Clean Streams Law; and the Solid Waste Management Act at 13 well sites in Fayette, Washington, and Greene counties.

28 October 2009 Ultra Resources Inc. and Fortuna Energy Inc. had three erosion and sedimentation control general permits revoked due to technical deficiencies, and received notice of violation letters to the three licensed professionals who prepared the applications.

28 October 2009 The Department of Environmental Protection begins collecting higher permit application fees for non-Marcellus Shale oil and natural gas wells drilled in Pennsylvania to cover the cost of the agency’s permitting and enforcement work.

27 August 2009 Gas Field Specialist Inc. of Shinglehouse, Potter County, was fined $3,000 for operating an unpermitted residual wastewater transfer station in Dunnstable Township, Clinton County.

28 July 2009 The Department of Environmental Protection is investigating a leak at a non-Marcellus natural gas well at an East Resources well in McNett Township, Lycoming County, at gas wells run by East Resources.

23 June 2009 Jersey Shore Borough was ordered to immediately stop accepting wastewater from oil and gas drilling for treatment at the borough’s sewage treatment plant.

4 May 2009 The first draft discharge permit published for a gas well wastewater treatment plant on the Susquehanna River to TerrAqua Resource Management LLC establishing specific treatment parameters for gas well drilling wastewater, which includes frac water, brine water and drill water.

4 May 2009 The Department of Environmental Protection has determined that Schreiner Oil and Gas Company has affected at least seven water supplies along Hedgehog Lane in Bradford Township, McKean County.

8 July 2009 The Department of Environmental Protection has assessed a $32,000 civil penalty against First Alliance Church in Millcreek Township, Erie County, for a gas migration episode  that kept five families out of their homes for 39 days in November and December 2007.

13 January 2009 The Department of Environmental Protection and the natural gas drilling industry launch a partnership to explore innovative methods to treat wastewater generated from oil and gas well drilling operations in the commonwealth.

2008 - 173 abandoned wells plugged that threaten water supplies and public health at a cost to the state of nearly $3 million

25 June 2008 The Department of Environmental Protection approves two plans designed to protect the residents of a Westmoreland County community from stray methane gas from an old, abandoned well in Vandergrift.

13 June 2008 Department of Environmental Protection said taking advantage of the state’s energy resources is important to the its economy and the nation’s interests, but doing so must be balanced against the need to protect its natural resources.

18 January 2008 Marcellus is more easily produced by horizontal drilling across fractures, and until recently, gas production companies seemed unaware of the presence of the natural fractures necessary for magnifying the success of horizontal drilling in the Marcellus.

12 October 2007 After successfully installing four stray gas mitigation systems on properties in Versailles Borough, Allegheny County, work begins to vent gases—primarily methane—away from homes.

26 September 2007 Pennsylvania makes highway right-of-ways available for pennsylvania15.htmlandfill gas pipeline projects, further encouraging and promoting the recovery and use of this emerging source of renewable energy

15 June 2007 The Department of Environmental Protection has ordered the owners of Synd Enterprises Inc. to pay a $400,000 civil penalty for numerous and chronic violations of environmental laws and regulations related to oil and gas operations. The owners, Stephen and Cynthia Ford must refrain from owning or operating any future oil and gas operations in Pennsylvania.

5 July 2007 The Department of Environmental Protection releases a U.S. Geological Survey study finding that the natural gas present in some Tioga County water wells is a chemical that matches the gas found in three storage field reservoirs next to Tioga Junction, which are owned and operated by Dominion Transmission and PP&L.

19 September 2007 Pennsylvania invests $2.3 million to plug 150 abandoned oil and gas wells on private property in 10 counties.

15 August 2006 DEP collected water and gas samples following elevated methane gas levels in water wells in the Tioga County community of Mainesburg in an effort to assess the problem, identifying private water supplies where a detectable amount of methane is present.

6 April 2006 Oil and gas drilling activity has been at a sustained high level, with record numbers of drilling permits issued each of the past two years

 11 February 2005 Environmental Protection announced that analysis of three stray methane gas samples taken from McMurray Road in Peters Township indicate the stray gas is coming from a Columbia Gas pipeline.





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