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A Texan tragedy

Gas injection may have triggered earthquakes in Texas

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Fracking in Michigan

Fracking in Michigan Potential Impact on Health, Environment, Economy

Hydraulic fracturing of Marcellus Shale

Methane Gas from Marcellus Shale Drilling

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Health impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling

Pennsylvania Fracking

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Lesson From Wyoming Fracking

Water Pollution from Fracking

Hydraulic Fracturing Poses Substantial Water Pollution Risks

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Natural Gas Leaks Discovered in Boston

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Natural Gas Pricing Reform to Facilitate Carbon Tax Policy

Investing in fracking

What Oil Prices Have in Store?

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Health impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling

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Shale Gas

Legal cases against fracking in the USA

Environmentalists Fight Fresh-Water Fracking

11/15/2013 VANCOUVER, B.C. (CN) - British Columbia's Oil and Gas Commission illegally allows drillers to use fresh water in fracking operations, environmentalists claim in court.

Doctor Concerned About Fracking Loses Challenge to PA Gag Rule

10/31/2013 (CN) - A Pennsylvania doctor cannot fight a "medical gag rule" that he says forces physicians to keep the public ignorant of the health dangers of hydrofracking, a federal judge ruled.

Oil Company Demands Right To Inject Waste

   OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) - A Texas oil and gas company claims an Oklahoma county is unconstitutionally regulating its injection of wastewater into the ground.

Group Wants Fracking Ban On Local Ballot

10/03/2013 (CN) - The city of Loveland, Colo., refused to send an anti-fracking measure to voters despite approving the petition that got it on the ballot, environmental activists claim in county court.

Oil Industry Barred From California Fracking Fight

08/16/2013 SAN JOSE, Calif. (CN) - A federal judge refused to let the oil industry intervene in a challenge to the sale of federal oil and gas leases covering thousands of acres of California land.

EPA's Fracking 'Witch Hunt' Decried by GOP

07/26/2013 WASHINGTON (CN) - Republicans bashed the Environmental Protection Agency's three-year investigation of the effects hydraulic fracturing has on drinking water, calling the agency's efforts a "witch hunt" that demonizes a job-creating system of developing cheap natural gas.
United States sued Exxon subsidiary XTO Energy

22 July 2013 Court House News - The United States sued Exxon subsidiary XTO Energy, claiming its hydraulic fracking has polluted public drinking waters in Pennsylvania with toxic wastes.

Ex-EPA Official Confident Over Ohio Fracking

07/16/2013 A chemical engineer who held one of the top U.S. Environmental Protection Agency jobs during former President Ronald Reagan's second term urged people to keep an open mind about fracking and said he believes regulators should move cautiously with climate-change regulations. Read more from the Toledo Blade.

EPA Won't Finalize Wyo. Fracking-Pollution Study

06/21/2013 ABCNEWS The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has dropped plans to have outside experts review its theory that hydraulic fracturing may have played a role in groundwater pollution in Wyoming, and the agency no longer plans to write a final report on its research that led to the controversial finding a year and a half ago. Read more

Website Would Show Fracking Chemicals

05/30/2013 WASHINGTON (CN) - The Department of the Interior seeks comments on a proposed rule that would require drilling companies to publicly disclose chemicals used in fracking.

Fracking Regulation is States' Turf, 13 States Tell EPA

05/07/2013 TULSA WORLD A letter by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and signed by his counterparts in 12 other energy-producing states tells the EPA it should not allow threats of litigation by six Northeast states to provide a back-door entry for federal oversight of fracking.Read more from the Tulsa World.

Celebrity Anti-Fracking Group Not Registered

By FOX NEWS 03/18/2013 Dozens of celebrities may be running afoul of the law as they unite under the banner of one group that is seeking to prevent a method of gas drilling in New York state. Read more from Fox News.

Families Blame Fracking For Destructive Quakes

03/14/2013 LITTLE ROCK (CN) - Fracking by Chesapeake oil and Billiton Petroleum caused "thousands of earthquakes" that damaged homes in central Arkansas, two families claim in Federal Court.

Enviros Applaud Surge in Folding Coal Plant Plans

02/21/2013 HOUSTON (CN) - Environmentalists credited cheap, abundant natural gas and staunch protest for bringing down plans to build a coal-fired power plant southwest of Houston.

Poll Data Speaks to Value Of Nature in the West

02/20/2013 (CN) - Residents of six Western states believe that their economic success hinges on the protection of national parks and other natural splendor, a bipartisan survey shows.

Greens Say State Bends Over for Frackers

01/28/2013 OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - California illegally hands out oil- and gas-drilling leases without "tracking, monitoring, or otherwise supervising the high-risk, unconventional injection practice" of fracking, the Center for Biological Diversity claims in court.

Frackers in California Get Free Passes, Environmentalists Say

10/18/2012 OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - California is illegally handing out permits to use fracking in oil and gas drilling, without environmental surveys required by law, four environmental groups claim in court.

Judge Tosses Delaware Basin Fracking Complaint

09/27/2012 (CN) - A federal judge dismissed a suit demanding an environmental impact statement on the effects of drilling for natural gas in the Delaware River Basin.

No Data Analysis From Gas Field EPA Linked to Fracking Pollution

By THE WASHINGTON POST 09/27/2012 The meaning of reams of new data from groundwater testing in a remote Wyoming gas field where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sparked concern last year will be a matter of interpretation. Read more from The Washington Post.

Results Due From Field Where EPA Linked Fracking Pollution

09/26/2012 By THE WASHINGTON POST The U.S. Geological Survey plans to release results Wednesday from a new round of groundwater tests in a Wyoming gas field where another federal agency linked hydraulic fracturing to contaminants found in two water wells and local residents have complained of chemicals polluting their well water.

Enviro Wants NY to Cough Up Fracking Talks

09/24/2012 ALBANY, N.Y. (CN) - New York officials are concealing industry influence on pending regulations for the controversial drilling process known as fracking, environmentalists claim in court.

Can Fracking Pollute Water? Study Tries to Answer

07/12/2012 By MSNBC A new study being done by the Department of Energy may provide some of the first solid answers to a controversial question: Can gas drilling fluids migrate and pose a threat to drinking water? Read more from MSNBC.

Derivative Complaint Against Fracking Firm

06/15/2012 HOUSTON (CN) - After inflating the stock price with a deceptive press release, directors of Carbo Ceramics - a fracking company - made millions dumping their shares before announcing that sales had dropped by 70 percent in a key market, a shareholder claims in a derivative complaint.

EPA Overstates Pollution From Gas Fracking, Groups Say

06/05/2012 By BLOOMBERG The Obama administration overstated the greenhouse-gas emissions from unconventional natural-gas production, the American Petroleum Institute and the America's Natural Gas Alliance said today in a study. Read more from Bloomberg.

Fracking at Top of Chevron, Exxon Meetings

05/31/2012 By REUTERS Concerns about hydraulic fracturing among investors have eased at Chevron, even as they have increased at Exxon, and pressure to name independent chairmen at the two largest U.S. oil companies has also grown. Read more from Reuters.

BLM Says Fracking to Use 'Best Practices'

05/15/2012 WASHINGTON (CN) - The Bureau of Land Management has proposed what it says is a modernized version of its management of well stimulation activities, including hydraulic fracturing, to ensure that fracturing operations conducted on public and Indian lands follow certain best practices.

UK Environment Agency Backs Fracking, Nuclear Power

05/08/2012 By REUTERS The chairman of the environment agency for England and Wales voiced support for shale gas extraction - which critics say can pollute ground water and cause earth tremors - and he backed government plans to expand nuclear power generation. Read more from Reuters.

Landowner Can Sue Shell Over Fracking Hazards

05/04/2012 WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (CN) - Shell Energy cannot dismiss claims that the controversial fracking technique to extract natural gas is an "ultra hazardous activity," a federal judge ruled.

Wyoming Pushed EPA to Delay Study on Fracking: Report

05/04/2012 By REUTERS The governor of Wyoming pressed the top U.S. environmental regulator to delay its December, 2011 release of a draft study linking fracking for natural gas to contamination of drinking water, a news report said. Read more from Reuters.

Sierra Club Fights Fracking Plan

04/27/2012 (CN) - A Maryland energy company's plans to begin fracking for liquefied natural gas will destroy the Chesapeake Bay and coastal forests, the Sierra Club said Thursday.

EPA Issues Air Pollution Rules for Fracking Wells

04/19/2012 By USA TODAY Federal regulators issued first-ever air pollution rules for "fracking" wells on Wednesday, requiring that drillers burn or capture the gas and its smog-producing compounds released when the wells are first tapped. Read more from USA Today.

Pa. Families: Get the Frack Out of Here

04/12/2012 (CN) - Three families in Pennsylvania have sued a group of energy companies for hydraulic fracturing activities near their homes mere days before the state enacts a controversial law concerning drilling access to the area's natural gas reserves.

EPA Backpedals on Fracking Contamination

04/02/2012 By THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim that an energy company contaminated drinking water in Texas, the third time in recent months that the agency has backtracked on high-profile local allegations linking natural-gas drilling and water pollution. Read more from The Wall Street Journal.

EPA Finds Pennsylvania Well Water Safe After Drilling

03/19/2012 By LA TIMES The Environmental Protection Agency said it did not find significant contamination in well water serving 11 Pennsylvania families who feared that natural gas drilling had polluted their well. Read more from the Los Angeles Times.

Fracking's Effects on Water May be Overblown, Study Shows

02/21/2012 By FOX NEWS A University of Texas study has found no evidence that fracking - hydraulic fracturing of shale to extract natural gas - is contaminating groundwater. Read more from Fox News.

Snuffbox & Rayed Bean Mussels Nearly Snuffed Out

02/21/2012 WASHINGTON (CN) - The snuffbox and rayed bean mussels are threatened with extinction through out their range and will be added to the endangered species list, according a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listing action.

EPA Blamed in Fracking Hearing Delayed by Arrest

02/03/2012 By BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released 622 documents related to its study of water contamination tied to hydraulic fracturing in Pavillion, Wyo., as Republican lawmakers criticized the findings. Read more from Bloomberg Businessweek.

Environmental Groups Rally For NY Ban on Fracking

01/24/2012 By CBS NEWS Health and environmental groups rallied at New York State's Capitol on Monday to call for a legislative ban on hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells, saying no amount of regulation can adequately safeguard water supplies from contamination. Read more from CBS News.

NY Fracking Advocates Say Drill Bans Would Be 'Kiss of Death'

01/17/2012 By BLOOMBERG New York would lose any chance of reaping the economic benefits of the shale-gas boom if local governments are allowed to ban drilling through zoning laws, advocates say. Read more from Bloomberg.

Judge Lets Fracking Foes Fight On

12/30/2011 HARRISBURG, Pa. (CN) - The Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition sufficiently pleaded First Amendment violations in its lawsuit against an American-Israeli anti-terror think tank that contracted with Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security to keep tabs on environmentalists' protests against natural gas drillers, a federal judge ruled.

Enviros Fight Fracking Leases in California

12/30/2011 SAN JOSE (CN) - The federal government illegally leased 2,700 acres in Monterey and Fresno Counties for oil and gas drilling, which could include fracking, without considering its impact on water quality and protected species, including the California condor, the Center for Biological Diversity says.

Polluter Can See Health Stats of Potentially Sick

11/08/2011 SCRANTON, Pa. (CN) - A drilling company that conducted natural gas "fracking" in the Marcellus Shale can access the medical records of citizens demanding medical monitoring for pollution exposure, a court-appointed official said.






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