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UK invests in alternative energy

There are now over 60 anti-fracking community groups organising in the UK.

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Salford is the next major UK Extreme Energy battle ground. IGas will start preparation to drill any day now. Join the community resistance at The Northern Gas Gala!:

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Coal-bed plan blocked
4 Dec 2013 D
aily Record Stirling Council has voted unanimously to oppose an application for coal bed methane extraction in the region.

Dart Energy is taking its proposal to a public inquiry next year, and wants to pump gas from a series of wells and boreholes at Airth - three of which are in the Stirling area, with a further 11 in Falkirk.

Members of the council’s Planning and Regulation Panel all voted against the planning application at a special meeting last Thursday.

Panel convenor Margaret Brisley said: “The panel has resolved to oppose the granting of planning permission with regards to the forthcoming appeal by Dart Energy.

“This decision was reached on the basis that there are outstanding matters with regards environmental impact, and that the proposal is contrary to planning policy in respect of cumulative impact on the area.”

The plans will be heard by the Department of Environmental and Planning Appeals next year.

Dart Energy has a licence from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) giving it exclusive rights to certain areas of Scotland - but would have to gain planning permission before drilling.

The licence covers most of Stirling and the surrounding areas including Raploch, Cornton, Causewayhead, Riverside, Cambuskenneth, Top of the Town, King’s Park, Braehead, Torbrex, Broomridge, Borestone, Hillpark, Milton, Bannockburn, Fallin, Throsk, Cowie and Plean.

Cuadrilla pulls out of Lancashire fracking site
4 October 2013 - BBC - Shale gas company Cuadrilla has pulled out of one of its potential fracking sites in Lancashire.

The company said it would not seek consent to frack for gas at Anna's Road in St Annes and would restore the site to its previous condition.

Cuadrilla's chief executive Francis Egan said the background to the move included "technical constraints related to wintering birds".

Anti-fracking campaigners said the company was not welcome in Lancashire.

A PERSONAL STATEMENT - by Johnny Linehan

If a coming together of true-blue residents and seasoned and newbie activists can happen in Balcombe, believe me, it can happen anywhere!

'Fracking' is a bridge too far for the Oil&Gas industry. Hardly anyone really noticed much about it because it was mostly offshore and did not seem to impact much even when the rigs were onshore....

However, the arrogant, callous, stupid industry has finally gone too far! They are directly harming the basis of life itself, our water. They are also threatening communities with earthquakes and ruined roads and disrupted lives as well as increases in crime rates and damage to the health of people, animals and crops.

Added to this, is the lowering of the value of property and the increased difficulty of selling property or securing loans on them - and also the difficulty of obtaining or affording insurance. Because, we know, from experiences of others, that the industry rarely compensates because they are well-experienced in weaselling out of responsibility.

The good thing from our point if view, is they have gone too far, and people will see through this issue, the corrupt relationship between business, politicians and the media. Once they see that, they are driven to the conclusion that we must change, not just tinkering around, but radical changes are needed.

As a veteran of 55 years of revolting, I counsel people to keep on doing your best and to wait for the right time to come.

We never know when it does come, but you can't miss it when it does. I used to tell this to a friend, when she was getting frustrated at how few Balcombians were concerned about the impending fracking invasion. I said that she should keep the faith and plug away and then suddenly Balcombe's time will come and instead of having to convince people, she will be surrounded by people asking what to do.

I saw it with the rise of CND, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, The Miners' Strike, the Poll Tax Opposition and now I'm seeing it in anti-fracking/CSG/CBM.

We keep ourselves focused on being on the high moral ground and learning and steadily teaching about the issues, and all thistime we also WAIT!

We wait for the right time, and then we take full advantage of it and make up as much ground as we can, and use every opportunity to reach people with the messages we've been developing.

Also, be prepared to be tired and cranky and even a bit confused. The right time doesn't always come at the best time, and it gets very exciting (and exhausting) very quickly. But, it is the Golden Time!

Now, we are protecting Barton Moss in Salford, and we hope that it will be as well-supported as the Balcombe Protection is.

Always remember: WE are ONE - they are only 1%