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UK invests in alternative energy

There are now over 60 anti-fracking community groups organising in the UK.

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Fracking Shale Gas

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Balcombe fracking protest nearing the end after High Court order?

November 18, 2013 - This is Sussex - West Sussex County Council has been granted possession of verges next to a Balcombe road that was swamped with anti-fracking protesters during the height of the demonstrations.

But protesters could soon be served with enforcement notices after a High Court judge gave the council authority over the verges along the B2036, London Road.


Balcombe anti-fracking camp moves to council HQ

17 November 2013 -BBC - Balcombe anti-fracking camp moves to council HQ

Anti-fracking campaigners have pitched their tents outside the HQ of West Sussex County Council after a roadside camp was repossessed.

Spokeswoman Vanessa Vine said the campaigners moved the camp because the county council had taken legal action against "peaceful protectors".

"It goes to show that the fight is not over. In many ways Balcombe was just the beginning," she added.

"What we hope is that a lot more people are now thinking where we get our fuel from."


From the Cuadrilla website:

"In 1986, energy company Conoco drilled an exploration well on the same site that Cuadrilla will use, situated half a mile from Balcombe village. According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) records, more than 50 oil and gas wells have already been drilled in the county."

Ahem! George Mitchell - the Father of Fracking -
 invented the modern fracking process in 1998!


Cuadrilla signs new 30-year lease on Balcombe site

4 November 2013 - BBC - Energy company Cuadrilla has signed a new 30-year lease on land in West Sussex where it carried out test drilling for oil in the summer.

Campaigners who protested against the drilling in Balcombe in August fear that fracking might be needed to extract the oil found at the site.

Cuadrilla says the new lease was "normal practice" and will allow it to continue with "exploration plans".

Cuadrilla dismantled its equipment at Balcombe in September but has submitted a request to West Sussex County Council for permission to test the flow rate of extraction at the Balcombe well.