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Karoon Gas Australia Ltd
 is an Australia-based exploration company.
The Company is principally engaged in the hydrocarbon exploration and evaluation in Australia, Brazil and Peru.
The Company under its Peru exploration segment is involved in the exploration and evaluation of hydrocarbons in two blocks in Peru, including Block 144 (onshore) and Block Z-38 (offshore).

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Pope Francis backs fracking opponents

November 16, 2013 - During a meeting with Argentineans to discuss fracking and water contamination, Pope Francis was photographed holding two T shirts today - translating from Spanish" "NO FRACKING" and "WATER IS WORTH MORE THAN GOLD"

One of the men with Pope Francis is "Dirty Gold" movie director and Argentine politician Fernando ''Pino'' Solanas, known for his activism against ''environmental crimes''. Solanas is a critic of a recent agreement between the Argentine government and Chevron to develop shale oil and gas, which he calls ''the largest environmental disaster in the Amazon''.

"Water is worth more than gold"

Pope Francis told the men he was preparing an encyclical - a letter addressing a part of Catholic doctrine - about nature, humans and environmental pollution.