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Stop CSG Party at the 2013 federal election

A Queensland farmer Brian Monk ran for the Senate during the 2013 federal election campaign. During the campaign more than 4kms of his fence was allegedly torn down by coal seam gas company QGC, allowing his cattle to escape.

None of the mainstream media companies who were told about the story immediately after it happened were interested in letting the public know.

The mainstream media were busy covering the real issues - the major parties tearing down election posters:

Attorney-General Greg Smith's son in Greenway poster ripping scandal
September 07, 2013 -Sunday Telegraph - One of NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith's sons has been at the centre of a dirty tricks campaign in the state's most marginal seat. Jerome Smith was accused of ripping down authorised Labor posters in Greenway while abusing western Sydney Labor volunteers so badly they were reduced to tears.

The Toongabbie NSW 'poster ripping scandal' was covered by the mainstream media as far away as Tasmania:

Liberal staffer for Greenway's Jaymes Diaz allegedly threatens Labor staffer in NSW's most marginal seat
September 07, 2013 - Hobart Mercury - A Labor party staffer was left terrified in tears and phoned the police after she was allegedly threatened by an "aggressive" Liberal Party volunteer who ripped down "unauthorised signs" mocking Greenway candidate Jaymes Diaz.

The Stop CSG Party website has been hacked, according to a Stop CSG Party NSW candidate. "The website, together with access to members, was hacked and no longer available to us".


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