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Nationals Coal Seam Gas Policy

Federal member for Lyne,
representing Gloucester
Dr Gillespie


Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Bill


NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

NSW Planning Bill 2013

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Rob Oakeshott's coal seam gas press releases
2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010
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NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Petroleum (Onshore) Amendment Bill 2013

Shooters & Fishers say Petroleum Onshore Amendment Bill won't get up without changes

NSW Planning Bill 2013

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP)

NSW Planning Bill 2013

Mining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment (Public Interest) Bill 2013

NSW Land & Water Commission


2004 gas blow out 300m away in the same wells

NSW Irrigators

NSW Farmers

An overview of possible impacts from coal seam gas development in Northern Rivers, New South Wales
by Elfian Schieren, 2012

1. Introduction
2. Energy and coal seam gas development
2.1 Economic viability underpinning coal seam gas development
2.2 Renewable, sustainable energy development
- Solar
- Wind
- Biogas
2.3 Coal seam gas development at a global scale
2.4 Coal seam gas development in Australia
3 Coal seam gas extraction process
- Drilling and dewatering
- Hydraulic Fracturing
- Produced Water
4 Risks to water resources from coal seam gas development
4.4 Ground water use
4.5 Water produced by coal seam gas
4.6 Contamination of Groundwater
5 Other Consequences of coal seam gas development
5.4 Impacts to agricultural production
5.5 Health impacts on humans and animals
5.6 Impacts on greenhouse gas emissions
5.7 Impacts on seismic activity
5.8 Economic impacts
5.9 Cumulative impacts
6 Potential for coal seam gas development in Northern Rivers, New South Wales
6.1 Northern Rivers Region
6.2 Using trade-offs and opportunity costs in evaluating CSG development
6.3 Prospects for development in Northern Rivers region
6.4 Energy development in Northern Rivers region
6.5 Northern Rivers community actions and groups in response to CSG development
7 Discussion
8 Conclusion
9 References

PDF file

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Coal Seam Gas

Welcome to where we provide the opportunity for Citizen Journalists to publish their stories from around the globe.

In NSW prior to the 2013 federal election, candidates were asked:
Will your vote be based on CSG?

Coal seam gas mining is shaping up to be one of the main election issue this year in the electorates of Lyne, Cowper, Page and Richmond.

The Federal Member for Page Labor's Justine Elliot relinquished her Trade portfolio to focus on a coal seam gas campaign against the State Government.

The Federal Member for Page Labor's Janelle Saffin has started a petition demanding the Nationals make the North Coast coal seam gas free.

The target is 10,000 signatures, and with that she says the NSW Government must debate in the state parliament her community's demand for a csg North Coast.

The Federal Member for Lyne Independent Rob Oakeshott is gutted by Tony Burke's decision to approve AGL's Gloucester Gas Project and says he'll shake the building in Canberra over it.

And so far the Federal Member for Cowper, Nationals' Luke Hartsuyker, has kept relatively quiet on the issue.

Also, the candidates for those seats are now stepping forward and outlining their position on coal seam gas.

The Nationals candidate for Page, Kevin Hogan, is calling for a moratorium on coal seam gas mining.

Further south the office for the candidate for Lyne, David Gillespie, yesterday said they weren't aware of Kevin Hogan's position on the issue.

David Gillespie is criticising Rob Oakeshott over coal seam gas saying that his attack on the Federal Government has left the his reputation in tatters.


Shooters and Fishers tells NSW Premier O'Farrell his CSG amendments won't pass in parliament

15 Nov 2013 - Shooters and Fishers Party MP, Robert Brown, says the O'Farrell government's soon-to-be introduced amendments to the Onshore Petroleum Act won't get the support of his cross-benches unless there are changes.

Robert Brown says, while there's broad support for the legislation from the Shooters and Fishers, there's problem areas that need to be fixed.

"Well, the Shooters and Fishers Party, our views are very clear on this bill, which is the Onshore Petroleum Act Amendment Bill," he said.

"We have problems with Section 7, [which] describes an attempt to set up a system whereby the Minister can authorise access under a permit system, to any person to come onto private property."

Robert Brown says that does not sit comfortably with his Party because the Shooters and Fishers support individual property rights under both Commonwealth or State law.

"In reality, what the government needs to do if they want to put forward bills like this, is they have to consider equitable arrangements for property owners," he said.

"Give the farmers the right to 'lock the gate' but, at the same time, give the farmers the right to access some of the government royalties on the stuff that's under their ground; if the government's going to get five per cent royalties give half to the farmer."

"The farmer could make up his mind whether he wants to take advantage of that offer or whether he wants to just keep farming and keep people off his property," he said.


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