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Aussies Against Fracking


In 2003 a Chinese gas well blowout killed 233 people

Abandoned Gas Wells in Australia

Pope Francis backs fracking opponents

Camden nuns speak out against fracking

AGL are preparing to frack 300m away from Gloucester homes

Gloucester wells have already blown out 300m away

Irrigation trials debunked

Those same wells have already blown out 300m from the wells

Woop Woop March

USSR uses nuclear bomb to put out gas well fire

History of Fracking

Can Rural Vet Practice Survive Mining?

Pilliga blockades

CSIRO rejects claims made by APPEA regarding groundwater and coal seam gas

Australian fracking companies

Coal Seam Gas Daily News
Summary of the day's coal seam gas twitter

Halliburton Loophole

"Father of Fracking"
George Mitchell
concerns over environmental
impacts of fracking

History of Fracking
Only a new technology

USA Fracking Stories

A Texan tragedy

California Lags in Fracking Regulations

All In for California Water

Fracking in Michigan

Fracking in Michigan Potential Impact on Health, Environment, Economy

Methane Gas from Marcellus Shale Drilling

Health impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling

Pennsylvania Fracking

Fracking in Virginia

Lesson From Wyoming Fracking

Water Pollution from Fracking

Hydraulic Fracturing Poses Substantial Water Pollution Risks

Methane in drinking water wells

Abandoned gas wells leak

Coal Seam Gas

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Latest news and photos from the Pilliga blockade & Bentley Blockade

The best performing gas well in Queensland produces $1 million a day
 - an average coal seam gas well is worth about $60,000 a day.

The gas industry likes to call it 'natural gas' - the public knows it as methane.
"Unconventional forms" of gas include shale oil, shale gas, coal seam gas and tight gas and typically require the controversial hydraulic fracturing technique known as ''fracking''

Hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" is where a combination of water, sand and chemicals is forced at high pressure down and across a coal seam, fracturing the seam and creating fissures which release the gas for extraction. Fracking has been linked to the poisoning of ground water and damaging of aquifers.

In 2:45 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses fracking and the importance of a strong regulatory structure for enforcing environmental standards in the coal and gas industries - and the big rush by the gas industry to avoid and/or change any law which gets in their way.

There has not been a global social issue uniting people from all walks of life since the Vietnam war. History doesn't look kindly on greedy, unethical individuals.

Lock The Gate, the Director-General & ICAC
18 November 2013 An extraordinary tweeter exchange between Lock The Gate and the Director-General of NSW Planning and Infrastructure, including letters from ICAC concerning the NSW Planning Bill 2013


Pope Francis backs fracking opponents
November 16, 2013 - During a meeting with Argentineans to discuss fracking and water contamination, Pope Francis was photographed holding two T shirts today - translating from Spanish" "NO FRACKING" and "WATER IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD"

"Water is worth more than gold"

Pope Francis said that he was preparing an encyclical - a letter addressing a part of Catholic doctrine - about nature, humans and environmental pollution.





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