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Cooper Energy has oil and gas exploration licenses in Australia, Indonesia, and Romania.




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Shale Gas

Spanish prosecutor opens criminal probe over Valencia earthquakes

Oct 4, 2013 (Reuters) - The public prosecutor in the Spanish city of Castellon has opened an investigation into potential criminal liabilities after hundreds of unusual small earthquakes, possibly linked to a natural gas storage project, have shaken the Valencia coast.

Scientists say the earthquakes are likely triggered by natural gas injections at the 1.3 billion euro ($1.8 billion) Castor underground gas storage plant, owned by Spain's ACS and Canada's Dundee Energy.

"Given preliminary opinions by experts with whom we are consulting every day, there is a high probability of a direct link between the gas injections ... and the seismic tremors," Spanish Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting.

October, 2013 The Spanish government amended national laws to prevent regional governments from prohibiting fracking, in an effort to provide more legal certainty for exploration companies.

The amendment overrules a law banning the water-intensive drilling technique that the regional government of the Cantabria region passed in April 2013.

Spain imports 99% of its oil and gas. High energy costs have been a major obstacle to economic recovery after the country's construction and housing bubble burst over the past few years.

Spain has issued seventy licenses to explore for oil and gas.

Spain is the fifth largest energy consumer in Europe and has virtually no domestic production of liquid fuels or natural gas.

Sources: EIA. For more detailed data, see International Energy Statistics.

The European Parliament legislation that subjects companies planning to use hydraulic fracturing to in-depth environmental audits. In France and Bulgaria, the method is banned.





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