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Apex Energy

Gina Rinehart

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ERM Power - Coal Seam Gas

ERM Power
- ASX code
Contact Number: 61 7 3020 5100

ERM Power Board of Directors & Top 20 Shareholders

Mr. Anthony George Bellas was Independent Non Executive Chairman of the Board of ERM Power Ltd since October 21 2011.

Mr. Anthony George Bellas was Independent Non Executive Chairman of the Board of ERM Power Ltd since October 21 2011. He brings almost 25 years of policy and operational experience in the energy industry to the business.

Tony Bellas is also the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Shine Lawyers who work both sides of the coal seam gas issue ... negotiating land access and representing health claims.

ERM Power is the main shareholder in Metgasco

Search the ASX website for company announcements from ERM Power - EPW

ERM Power Board of Directors & Top 20 Shareholders

02/06/2014 Queensland state-owned power generator Stanwell Corp. decided to mothball its largest natural gas-fired electric power station in October for as long as 3 years. The 385-Mw Swanbank E combined-cycle gas turbine station, near Ipswich about 40 km west of Brisbane, was commissioned just 12 years ago.

In its place, Stanwell plans to recommission one of the 1980s-built coal-fired generators at the 1,400-Mw Tarong power station 200 km northwest of Brisbane, although the timing of its return to service is not yet decided.

Stanwell will sell the gas it would have used at Swanbank E back onto the market where it can earn more revenue that using it in electricity generation, said Stanwell Chief Executive Officer Richard van Breda.

The switch from gas to coal has come following subdued market conditions and increasing gas prices in recent times. Stanwell’s gas is supplied by British Gas, Santos, and Arrow from fields in the Surat and Bowen basins.

It is the first time a gas-fired power generator will be shut down, but observers in the gas industry predict it might be the first step in the substitution of gas by coal in the eastern Australian power generation network.

Submission to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Electoral Reform Discussion Paper
February 2013

ERM Power – donated $17,700.00 in the last financial year to the Liberal National Party of Queensland. Subsequently, their Chairman Tony Bellas was appointed by the Queensland State Government to an Independent Review Panel to “investigate the impact of Queensland's electricity network on prices and provide solutions for a secure and cost-effective network”.

ERM Power have benefitted financially from the State Governments decision to commence mothballing publicly owned generation facilities; As a result of the State having a lesser generation capacity, in peak periods the Government has been required to purchase additional electricity from private enterprise at a significantly higher cost, coincidently the main supplier from the private sector has been ERM Power through their Oakey Power Station.

Excerpt from the Qld Dept Justice website and mirrored on this website

The following is a press release from the Electrical Trade Union ETU, dated 6 September 2013 and published in full. It is also mirrored on this website.

ETU concerned at 67% increase in revenue for ERM Power

The fact that Brisbane based private power company ERM recorded a revenue growth of 67%* for the last financial year while State – owned power generator Stanwell mothballed two generation units and slashed more than 120 jobs has raised serious questions about the rationale for public policy decisions made by the LNP State Government according to Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory Branch (“CEPU”).

Earlier this year the CEPU raised concerns in respect of the independence of the head of the State Government’s so called Independent Review Panel (IRP) into the electricity industry Mr Tony Bellas. Mr Bellas is a Director and Non-Executive Chairman of ERM.

The CEPU is also concerned at the fact that ERM also gave $16,500 to the LNP on May 25 last year just five days before the Newman Government appointed Mr Bellas as IRP Chair tasked with overseeing the Inter Departmental Committee established by the LNP Government to tackle spiralling electricity prices.

This all occurred just a few months prior to the 11 October 2012 decision to mothball two units at Stanwell’s Tarong Power Station, which resulted in the removal of 750 MW of generating capacity just prior to the summer peaks in late December through to the end of summer.

ERM owns Oakey Power Station, a peak load power station in Queensland that, appears to have made a financial killing and that was before the 22.6% consumer increase came into effect on 1 July 2013.

A coincidence perhaps, but the CEPU believes that the public interest in accountable and transparent government demands that these issues be further investigated.

According to the CEPU’s State Secretary Peter Simpson there are some serious questions that need answering and he again called on whoever forms the next Federal Government to implement a Federal Inquiry into the ownership structures and relationships between privately owned peak load stations and the State LNP Government.

The CEPU has written to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) outlining its concerns and requesting that both regulators investigate these concerns in the public interest.

“We had very serious concerns about the Newman Government’s decisions earlier this year. These concerns have only increased with this latest revelation that ERM had a 67% increase* in revenue while State owned generating units were mothballed at Stanwell.

The mothballing of these units directly impacted on power prices skyrocketing to $12,900 MW/h, far above the usual $50 MW/h. All the while the State government has been spruiking that it will sell state owned generation assets, at the right time”

“Let’s not forget who has suffered from the skyrocketing electricity prices - it’s the poor mums and dads on the street who are paying the 22.6% increase. They need some answers and they need them now before the next peak period as we head into the warmer months.”

Authorised by P J Simpson ETU Divisional Branch Secretary

Mr Simpson said “I believe the Inquiry needs the following questions answered”

 What do private power stations stand to gain from the State Government decisions on mothballing public generators?

 What relationship does the LNP have with the private power stations?

 Whether there is any connection between ERM’s $16,500 donation to the LNP and Newman Government’s decision in respect of the electricity sector?

For further comments or interview contact;

Stuart Traill (State Organiser) 0488 225 625 or Andrew Irvine (Media Officer) 0448 633 858
*Based on figures contained in ERM’s Annual Report June 2013

 ERM have increased their revenues from approx $938m in 2012 to $1.57b in 2013 financial year based on national volumes of 11.1 TWh of which
Queensland accounts for 4.6 TWh or 41.5%.

Please find included;

Political donations info 2010, 2011, 2012

Link to annual Report

IRP announcement

Media Release re: Premier opens ERM Brisbane Office

Key Dates

 March 2012 – LNP Government Elected.
 25 May 2012 – ERM donate $16,500 to LNP (biggest donation and unusual post-election timing)
 30 May 2012 – Qld Govt appoints ERM Chair to Chair Independent Review Panel described as Independent Watch Dog tasked
with overseeing the Inter Departmental Committee set up to combat spiralling electricity prices.
 11 October 2012 – Decision to mothball state owned generators at Tarong just prior to summer peak
 29 October 2012 – Stanwell cuts Unit 2 at Tarong
 10 December 2012 – Stanwell cuts Unit 4 at Tarong (combined removal of 750 Megawatts of base load generation capacity -
picked up by privately owned peaking stations – including Oakey)
 January 2013 – electricity spot prices in Qld


Date received: 15/02/2008
Before the Government's planned sale of the electricity industry, Origin Energy donated $75,000 and ERM Power $33,000.

Excerpt from a government website and mirrored on this website

Tony was previously CEO of the Seymour Group one of Queensland's largest private investment and development companies. Prior to joining the Seymour Group Tony held the position of CEO of Ergon Energy a Queensland Government owned corporation involved in electricity distribution and retailing. Before that he was CEO of CS Energy also a Queensland Government owned corporation and the states largest electricity generation company operating over 3 500 MW of gas fired and coal fired plant at four locations.
Tony had a long career with Queensland Treasury achieving the position of Deputy Under Treasurer. In 2000 as an Assistant Under Treasurer he was responsible for the Industry and Energy Division of Queensland Treasury and was heavily involved in formulating the State Governments energy strategy.
Tony is a director of the listed companies shown below and is also a director of Gasfields Water Management Pty Ltd Loch Explorations Pty Ltd QIP Coal Pty Ltd West Bengal Resources Pty Ltd and the Endeavour Foundation.
He is Chairman of the Nomination Committee and a member of the Audit and Risk Committee the Remuneration Committee and the Health Safety Environment and Sustainability Committee.


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