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Buru Energy Limited - Coal Seam Gas

Buru Energy Limited
- ASX code BRU

Buru Energy Limited explores, evaluates, and develops oil and gas resources in Western Australia. It has interests in petroleum exploration permits and licenses covering an area of 16 million acres in the Canning Superbasin in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

According to Macroaxis, the company has return on total asset (ROA) of (6.6) % which means that it has lost $6.6 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of (14.63) % meaning that it generated substantial loss on money invested by shareholders.

Native title boss on payroll of miner

The Australian January 01, 2014 BURU Energy's controversial plan to "frack" a series of shale gas wells in the Kimberley within months has received a sudden boost after one of its employees became the chairman of the key native title body that has previously led opposition to the petroleum company's activities.

Neil McKenzie, who has been employed as Buru's traditional owner liaison manager for the past two years, has taken over from indigenous leader Patrick Dodson as head of the Yawuru native title organisation, which holds 500,000ha in and around Broome.

Buru Energy is planning to use the controversial process of fracking in five gas wells between Broome and Derby.
16 May, 2013 - In an announcement to the Stock Exchange this month, the petroleum exploration company Buru say they have "approvals underway" for a fracking program with "five wells ready for fracs".

Buru Energy's Executive Director Eric Streitberg says the fracking program will be conducted on wells drilled into the Laurel Formation which is a geological formation within the massive Canning Basin.

Buru's 2010 fracking program took place on the traditional country of the Yawuru people of Broome and surrounds. Following this fracking program, Yawuru Chairman Patrick Dodson said that Yawuru people are opposed to fracking on Yawuru country until they can be satisfied that it doesn't pose a risk. It's a position that remains unchanged.

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The Company’s Yulleroo 3 well is located in Exploration Permit EP 391 some 80 kilometers to the east of Broome.
The Asgard 1 well is located in Exploration Permit EP 371 some 180 kilometers to the southeast of Derby, and 30 kilometers northeast of Noonkanbah Station.
The Ungani North 1 well is located in Exploration Permit EP 391 some 100 kilometers to the east of Broome, and lies some six kilometers north of the Ungani Production Facility. The Yulleroo 4 well is located in Exploration Permit EP 436.
The Company’s subsidiaries include Terratek Drilling Tools Pty Limited, Royalty Holding Company Pty Limited, Buru Energy (Acacia) Pty Limited, Buru Operations Pty Limited and Yakka Munga Pastoral Company Pty Limited.

Buru Energy Limited
88 William Street
Level 2
Perth, WA 6000
Phone: 61 8 9215 1800
Fax: 61 8 9215 1899
Christopher J. Bath Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary
Damian Ogburn Chief Scientist
Tom Streitberg Head - Strategy and Business Development
Lauren West General Counsel
Keiran John Wulff Ph.D. Managing Director
Eric Charles Streitberg Executive Director
William Williams Chief Commercial Officer
Graham Douglas Riley Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Austin Miller Non-Executive Director

BRU 5 year chart, dated 18 November 2013.





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