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Coal Seam Gas

The Woop Woop March

The Woop Woop March - Franklin Horses Ride from Glenugie to Canberra

So what have we achieved by riding to Canberra?

It has been said that we barely caused a ripple in Canberra, and while its true that only a handful of Greens senators and the Man in the Big Hat (Bob Katter) came out of the big house to greet us, we were never naive enough to think that a few horses on the lawn was going to make the politicians listen.

What we found more telling was those who didn't come out.

 Though many were invited, not one Nationals member would come out to greet the farmers who had ridden 1300km to see them. They all knew we were there and they all knew why .... our presence was felt in Parliament that day and though it was only a ripple, that ripple was felt.

The people, not the politicians were who we reached on our journey. We met hundreds of people along the way and with the help of the horses we touched every single one of them.

We talked, we listened, we laughed and we sang, all the while carrying one simple message "Clean water is our most Valuable Resource". It was a message that everyone understood, from farmers, to schoolkids, to miners and businessmen, non could deny the need for clean water.

All along the way we heard stories and saw first hand the effects of mining on small communities. Even as we trekked for days on end through the coal mining heartland, we were warmliy welcomed and never once was our message shunned or ridiculed.

Upon reaching Canberra we found our message had preceded us and many had seen us already on the ACT 7:30 Report. We received much congratulation and encouragement and stirred much more interest as we rode through the streets of the Nations Capital.

We didn't hide in the back streets but marched proudly through roundabouts and traffic lights to the front door of Parliament House. Thousands of people saw the horses that day, not just at Parliament House but all through the City as we took advantage of the beautiful riding opportunities that Canberra has to offer.

Again we talked and laughed, spread our message and voiced our concerns. We showed Canberra who we are and what we are about.

Good people, real people with real concerns for the future.

Our journey was never an easy one but it was always an amazing adventure. We were constantly humbled by the people we met. Generous caring people who helped us every step of the way.

The horses drew people in and helped spread the word in ways we could never have imagined.

They are the Heroes of this Clean Water Crusade.

So what did we achieve?

We all challenged ourselves and succeeded, we reached many people and most of all, we caused a ripple. We hope that we have inspired others to stand up in whatever way they can.

Be it writing a letter to your MP, signing a petition, joining a lobby group like Knitting Nannas or Lock the Gate, rallying, protesting, or demonstrating in any way.

We have the right to object.....

It is our duty to stand up and say NO however we can. We are nothing special so if we can do this, what can you do?

Enough ripples can cause a tsunami.......

Organiser Donna Franklin said they had been protesting quite a bit up at Grafton way but the pollies weren’t listening because they live out woop woop, so they reckoned they'd take woop woop to the big smoke.

With their nine horses and support vehicle, The Woop Woop March participants Brendon Lavis, Sam Conderman, Marnie Conderman, Mick Franklin, and Donna Franklin left on September 21 with the aim of arriving in the last week of November before Parliament House closes for Christmas.

The horses are: Gary, Chesty, Commanche, Blue, Baldy, Brownie, Piggy and Milo. Jawsy went home. A couple of dogs, Lilly and Rusty came along for the first couple of weeks. Now they have a kitten named Dumpy rescued at the Glen Davis dump.

Frustrated by the march of coal seam gas mining in the Clarence Valley and majorly concerned about their water sources, and after failed attempts at protesting in Grafton, the group decided the best option was to front up to the politicians themselves.

They have a swag of letters from people in the Clarence Valley and Northern Rivers, and picked up more along the way to present to the pollies when they reach Parliament House.

Ms Franklin said they hope the government will consider the importance of agricultural farming and the importance of clean water.

“We’re trying to promote common sense, we’re not against mining just the way they operate,” she said.

“We want equal rights for farmers.”

These blokes and sheilas ain't rich cow cockies so if you can pass around the hat ...

Bank: BCU
Account Name: Franklin Horses
BSB: 704 328
Account No: 231 836

From woop woop to Canberra

As we are getting closer many are enquiring as to our schedule. Here is the latest update but please be aware that we are running on horse time and anything can happen along the way. eg. rain, sleat, snow or any number of things that could affect the horses and their performance.

Please be aware that this schedule is a rough estimation and may change unexpectedly along the way.

8th Leg - Jenolan Caves to Taralga (4 days riding, 2 days rest) Full Support Vehicle Access
Day 57 (Sat 16th Nov) Jenolan to Tuglow River 19km. Camp at Tuglow River. Vehicle Access via Tuglow Forest Road
Day 58 (Sun 17th Nov) Tuglow River to Mt Werong 24km. Camp at Stone Hut. Vehicle Access via Mt Werong Rd.
Day 59 (Mon 18th Nov) Rest Day
Day 60 (Tues 19th Nov) Mt Werong to Wairborough 30km. Camp at Wairborough Campsite. Vehicle Access via Jerrong Rd.
Day 61 (Wed 20th Nov) Wairborough to Taralga 20km. Camp at Taralga Showgrounds.
Day 62 (Thur 21st Nov) Rest Day

9th Leg - Taralga to Collector ( 5 days riding, 2 days rest) Full Support Vehicle Access
Day 63 (Fri 22nd Nov) Taralga to Roslyn 28km. Camp at Roslyn TSR. Vehicle Access.
Day 64 (Sat 23rd Nov) Roslyn to Crookwell 15km. Camp at Crookwell Showgrounds. Vehicle Access
Day 65 (Sun 24th Nov) Rest Day
Day 66 (Mon 25th Nov) Crookwell to Gurrundah 23km. Camp at TSR. Vehicle Access via Bannister Ln.
Day 67 (Tues 26th Nov) Gurrundah to Cullerin 16km. Camp at H Boileau TSR. Vehicle Access
Day 68 (Wed 27th Nov) Cullerin to Lerida 24km. Camp at Lerida TSR No.47. Vehicle Access via Collector Rd.
Day 69 (Thur 28th Nov) Rest Day in Collector

10th Leg - Collector to Yaralumla (4 days riding 1 day rest) Full Support Vehicle Access
Day 70 (Fri 29th Nov) Lerida to Gundaroo 29km. Camp at Gundaroo Sports Ground. Vehicle Access
Day 71 (Sat 30th Nov) Gundaroo to Hall 36km. Camp at Hall Pony Club. Vehicle Access.
Day 72 (Sun 1st Dec) Rest Day
Day 73 (Mon 2nd Dec) Hall to Yarralumla 35km. Camp at Equestrian Grounds. City Traffic
Day 74 (Tues 3rd Dec) Yarralumla to Parliament House and return.

To find out more visit the Facebook page – The Woop Woop March.

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