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Accident at Kenya Gas field

2014-03-29 John Jenkyn reporting - seemed like 2 walked out so not that bad, fires all suited up so I say chemical problem because no smoke to be fire, this wanker in the security ute kept trying to bloke my view until I got out & stood on the bull bar, I guess they fly them to a hospital QGC have paid to keep things quite, real honest


This is at QGC/Bg Group Kenya 1st RO water treatment plant about 32km south of Chinchilla, after a lot of looking at me they drove the ambo out say 3 got out as they had 1or 2 others in orange, all made their way out to chopper where they loaded it from the other side, few on this side put in pillows not much else, see so not sure if both out of back seat of ambo went or not


Workers exposed to radiation on Darling Downs gas site

29th Apr 2014 AN INCIDENT which left four QGC workers exposed to radiation is confirmed to have been at the hands of gas giant Schlumberger.

A QGC spokesperson told the Dalby Herald the radiation was from a Schlumberger measurement device.

The incident occurred on a rig south of Chinchilla which was operated by international oil and natural gas service company Weatherford.

The QGC workers were exposed to a "low level of radioactivity" and medical examinations were performed.

Two Schlumberger workers and two Weatherford workers were involved. QGC is continuing to monitor the health of its workers.


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