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An overview of possible impacts from coal seam gas development in Northern Rivers, New South Wales
by Elfian Schieren, 2012

1. Introduction
2. Energy and coal seam gas development
2.1 Economic viability underpinning coal seam gas development
2.2 Renewable, sustainable energy development
- Solar
- Wind
- Biogas
2.3 Coal seam gas development at a global scale
2.4 Coal seam gas development in Australia
3 Coal seam gas extraction process
- Drilling and dewatering
- Hydraulic Fracturing
- Produced Water
4 Risks to water resources from coal seam gas development
4.4 Ground water use
4.5 Water produced by coal seam gas
4.6 Contamination of Groundwater
5 Other Consequences of coal seam gas development
5.4 Impacts to agricultural production
5.5 Health impacts on humans and animals
5.6 Impacts on greenhouse gas emissions
5.7 Impacts on seismic activity
5.8 Economic impacts
5.9 Cumulative impacts
6 Potential for coal seam gas development in Northern Rivers, New South Wales
6.1 Northern Rivers Region
6.2 Using trade-offs and opportunity costs in evaluating CSG development
6.3 Prospects for development in Northern Rivers region
6.4 Energy development in Northern Rivers region
6.5 Northern Rivers community actions and groups in response to CSG development
7 Discussion
8 Conclusion
9 References

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George Mitchell
concerns over environmental
impacts of fracking

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Only a new technology

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Coal Seam Gas

Fracking in the Northern Territory

Santos suspends gas drilling after accident at Mount Kitty field in Northern Territory

16 Apr 2014 - ABC - Santos and Central Petroleum suspended drilling at a central Australian well until all investigations into an accident at the site last weekend have been concluded.

The Northern Territory Government has launched an investigation into the incident but the Mines Department has confirmed that no one was injured. The department says there were no environmental impacts and the well is secure.

It says it is liaising with NT Worksafe and an operations engineer will assess the situation. Santos has an investigation team at the site.

More information on this accident here

Armour Energy Limited is focussed on the discovery and development of gas and associated liquids resources in a hydrocarbon province in northern Australia.

As of March 20, 2012, Armour Energy held two granted exploration permits, exploration permit (EP) 171 and EP 176, located in the Northern Territory.

In addition, Armour Energy has exclusive rights in respect of an additional 13 exploration permit applications (EPAs) in the Northern Territory.

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