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The two leading coal seam gas (CSG) companies exploring the Galilee Basin in central western Queensland are AGL and Comet Ridge.

AGL - ASX code "AGK" have a five-well CSG production pilot program on the Gowing family's Glenaras Station, north of Ilfracombe. $50 million has already been spent by AGL with more work to do to assess the extent of gas reserves.

AGL acknowledge the coal seam formations and aquifers were close, but say they are "sufficiently separated".

AGL have completed an underground water impact report, have an ongoing bore monitoring program, and are conducting an irrigation trial of saltbush with the  saline CSG "produced water" from the gas wells.

Comet Ridge have three exploration permits in the Galilee Basin north east of Aramac. The Comet Ridge ASX code is COI

Comet Ridge have drilled a small number of test wells to obtain data on methane flow rates and permeability.  The company says the coal seams and aquifers are separated by a 300 metre band of impervious mudstone (Rewan Formation).

Comet Ridge have collected water samples and completed a bore assessment plan. Work has begun on their underground water impact report, expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

Comet Ridge are about one year behind AGL in developing their CSG pilot program in the Galilee Basin.

For the latest information on these two CSG pilot projects in the Galilee Basin, visit AGL's website or Comet Ridge's website.

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Community update
Gloucester residents are invited to attend a briefing on the work completed to date as part of the bioregional assessment of the valley. Council will also provide information on the studies it is completing as part of its agreement with AGL. The briefings will be held on November 28 from 2pm to 4pm in the council chambers and from 7pm to 9pm at the Senior Citizens Centre.