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NSW Government accused of suppressing judgement on AGL environmental breach in Camden Gas Project while receiving public submissions on Stage 3

AGL Energy paid $164,000 in fines & legal costs for breaches of license at Camden in 2013

AGL coal seam gas well blowout that occurred on 17 May at the AGL Sugarloaf 3 coal seam gas well at Camden

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Macarthur MPs say ongoing CSG mining plans will not succeed
Nov. 12, 2013 - MacarthurAdvertiser - Mining giant AGL Energy has refused to rule out a second tilt at its controversial northern expansion of the Camden Gas Project which would see coal seam gas drilling beneath homes in Campbelltown.

But angry local state MPs have reassured residents that it can't happen, and it won't happen.

EPA investigating exceedences at AGL Camden plant

11 September 2013 - The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is investigating potential emissions breaches from the AGL Rosalind Park site in August that were reported to the EPA yesterday.

The incidents relate to three minor exceedences of the nitrogen oxide concentration limits by 1mg, 5mg and 10mg per cubic metre, on August 13 2013 between 5am and 8am.

AGL has told the EPA that they were only made aware of the exceedences on September 6 when they received their monthly report of the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System from the off-site monitoring company.

While it does not appear that exceedences of this type would have resulted in any environmental or health concern, the EPA is very concerned about the AGL control systems which did not activate an alarm in place for immediate awareness of the issue by the company.

The EPA has directed AGL to provide a full written report on the exceedences within 7 days.

The EPA is also investigating a separate nitrogen oxide exceedence that was reported on August 5.


Nuns reckon fracking is a habit we can't afford

October 26, 2013 - The Discalced Carmelite nuns and friars of Varroville, near Camden, beat Pope Francis to the punch and spoke out against coal seam gas drilling at Camden NSW.

''To me it appears to be a slash and grab approach, get rich quick and - pardon this use of language - but to hell with the consequences,'' Sister Jocelyn Kramer told the SMH.

''It's not sensible to exploit the resources now and not bother what effect that might have for future generations.''

''When you are drilling underground, you really don't know what effects you're having in terms of subsidence, vibration, groundwater, soil those are significant issues which our faith has something to say about,'' Sister Jocelyn said.

''God created the world with integrity and beauty so that each part is interconnected. A little effect here will have another effect there.''

Camden Community Meeting with AGL 17 August 2006

AGL wants Camden CSG expansion to proceed

February 27, 2013 - Electricity and gas company AGL Energy says it will still seek to grow its coal seam gas operations in New South Wales following a state government ban on CSG near residential areas.

AGL managing director Michael Fraser said he met with NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to discuss the new policy which banned coal seam gas (CSG) projects within 2km of residential areas and placed exclusion zones around horse studs and vineyards in the Hunter Valley.

Mr Fraser said AGL may face unspecified impairment charges against the $325 million book value of its CSG projects in Camden and the Hunter Valley as a result of the NSW policy and any expansion of its Gloucester operation may be affected.

He also said AGL was "spending millions of dollars" at present in arbitration with interstate gas suppliers which were seeking to increase their prices for supplying gas to NSW.



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