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Aussies Against Fracking - Coal Seam Gas

Aussies Against Fracking

(AAF) was created as a response to the gross industrialisation of rural, regional and some sectors of urban Australia by coal seam gas mining (CSG). The movement was founded as a platform and vehicle to enable members of the entertainment industry to voice their opposition to CSG. Tonight's concert is to coincide with Yoko Ono's (Founder of US "Artists Against Fracking") Australian visit.

"I'm thrilled to hear my fellow activists and friends in Australia are taking a stand against fracking in your beautiful country. Don't let them destroy your precious water and land. I'm with you in spirit in your fight. Stay strong. I love you! Yoko"

We are in a critical time. There is an urgent need to protect our country and our future from CSG. Already in affected areas within Australia, rivers are irreparably poisoned, air is toxic and people are sick. All this is happening while the industry is still in its infancy, and yet developing at frightening speed with full support from our government.

Entertainers band together to fight against Coal Seam Gas (CSG).... Appearing tonight are Adam Harvey, Deni Hines, John Waters, Kevin Borich, Steve Balbi (Mi- Sex, Noiseworks), with Harry Brus, Mick O'Shea & Casey Burgess in The All Star Anti-Fracking Band, Dog Trumpet (Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty), Graham Wilson (The Four Kinsmen) Mitch Anderson & Alex Gibson from 'The Voice', Kate Lush & Cass Eager and just announced The Whale Whisperer Bunna Lawrie.

TV & radio personality Ray Burgess to MC together with radio legend Mike Drayson, watch this space for updates.

See on the night video messages from Bob Brown, Jack Thompson, Leo Sayer, Ash Grunwald, Alan Jones, Marcia Hines, Deni Hines , John Butler, Steve Balbi, Jeff Duff, Keith Scott, Mitch Anderson, Reg Mombassa, John Waters, Doc Neeson, Adam Harvey, Troy Cassar-Daley, Xavier Rudd, Wendy Matthews, Melinda Schneider, Mark Gable, JPY, Nick Saxon & many more.

Guest Speakers: Drew Hutton, President LOCK THE GATE & Environmental activist - Dayne Pratsky "The Frackman", Greens Senator Jeremy Buckingham and AAF Patron Doc Neeson plus others TBA

Plus the launch of Leo Sayer's video "NO FRACKING WAY"

Join us in support of our ALL STAR ANTI-FRACKING event which promises to be an unforgettable night!

Remember, alone we may be thought of as unheard voices. But together, we can stand united AGAINST FRACKING!


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