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Tlou Energy's principle assets are in Botswana, where it has the one of the most advanced CBM exploration projects in southern Africa. Tlou's owns 100% of the  Karoo Central project.
November 19, 2013 - Selemo Pilot production testing in Botswana has commenced
November 05, 2013 - Tlou Energy drilling Botswana coal seam gas well, prepares to carry out pilot test

As of June 30, 2012,
Beach Energy
, an Australian listed company, held interests in more than 300 exploration and production tenements in Australia, the United States, Egypt, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.

In 2003 a Chinese gas well blowout killed 233 people

Abandoned Gas Wells in Australia

Coal and Gas Watch

Halliburton Loophole

"Father of Fracking"
George Mitchell
concerns over environmental
impacts of fracking

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Cutting Methane Pollutants Would Slow Sea Level Rise

Shale Gas

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Botswana: Exposing Botswana's Fracking Plans
17 November 2013 - All Africa - Botswana has been quietly handing out licences for natural gas production covering vast tracts of land including half of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
Botswana has been accused of sacrificing the Kalahari, one of the world's most precious wildlife reserves, to commercial fracking while ignoring the environmental risks and local communities who could lose access to scarce water.

Magnum Gas & Power Limited (MPE:ASX) is an Australian listed exploration company with 100% interests in Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Petroleum licences in Botswana.
: In Botswana, MPE holds exploration licences for CBM over two prospective basins, in the North and Central regions of the country. In addition, Magnum was recently awarded Petroleum exploration licence in the north of Botswana.

South Africa
In April 2011, a shale gas exploration moratorium was imposed by the government after environmentalists and local opponents of fracking said the drilling process risks contaminating ground water in the Karoo.

In September 2012, the government lifted the ban on exploration of shale gas but it was decided that no fracking could take place until draft regulations has been gazetted, a process that has now been completed.

The public will now have 30 days to comment on the regulations, a timeframe, some experts argue is far too short given the debate on environmental impact assessments.

Insight: Water, wealth and whites - South Africa's potent anti-fracking mix
Oct 28, 2013 - Reuters - Stretching across the heart of South Africa, the Karoo has stirred emotions for centuries, a stunning semi-desert wilderness that draws artists, hunters and the toughest of farmers.

Not only does the Karoo have very little water - the mighty Kalahari desert lies just to its north - but the oil companies are up against a well-organised grass-roots lobby opposed to anything that could upset its fragile environment.


South Africa accused of ignoring shale gas fracking dangers
21 Oct 2013 - - Friends of the Earth sent a letter to President Jacob Zuma on Saturday, when demonstrators took to the streets in Canada, the US, the UK, Spain, France, Ireland and South Africa, demanding an end to fracking.

Friends of the Earth said it was concerned the government was moving too fast to authorize shale gas exploration in the semi-desert Karoo region, where Shell, Falcon Gas & Oil with its partner Chevron, and Bundu Gas & Oil have applied for permits. South Africa's government earlier this month gazetted draft regulations to govern the further exploration and exploitation of the country's shale gas resources of 485 trillion cubic feet, about the fifth-largest in the world.

Fracking court action threatened
Sep 17, 2013 - africagreenmedia - In early July, Agri-EC president Ernest Pringle said they were dismayed at a statement by Kgalema Mothlanthe in June, in which South Africa’s Deputy President said the exploration for shale gas should be accelerated.

“To talk about accelerating a process without addressing any of the concerns spelt out in our document titled Prerequisites for Hydraulic Fracturing in the Eastern Cape is highly irresponsible. Any attempt to do so will be met with court action,” warned Pringle.

Proposed fracking in South Africa beauty spot blasted
23 August 2013 - The Guardian - Environmental campaigners promise to fight government's plans to allow fracking for shale gas in the Karoo

Tanzania Approves Gas Policy
19 November 2013 - Tanzania's government has drafted their natural gas policy, imposing tough conditions on foreign companies and ensuring the domestic market gets priority over exports.
Their natural gas legislation should be enacted in 2014.





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