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In 2003 a Chinese gas well blowout killed 233 people

USSR used nuclear bombs to stop gas well blowouts

The Jenkyn family
Collateral Damage of the CSG industry

Testimony of a Queensland CSG Worker

Gas Well blow out at Gloucester



Abandoned gas wells leak

Abandoned Gas Wells in Australia

Origin Stops Drilling after BTEX found in 2010

Full story of the Sidoarjo mud flow

Birth of a mud volcano: East Java, by Richard J. Davies, Centre for Research into Earth Energy Systems (CeREES), University of Durham, UK



Coal and Gas Watch

New Laser to Detect Methane Leaks

Abandoned gas wells leak in USA

Methane Leaks Under Streets of Boston

Coal and Gas Watch

Halliburton Loophole

"Father of Fracking"
George Mitchell
concerns over environmental
impacts of fracking

History of Fracking
Only a new technology

USA Fracking Stories

A Texan tragedy

Gas injection may have triggered earthquakes in Texas

California Lags in Fracking Regulations

All In for California Water

Fracking in Michigan

Fracking in Michigan Potential Impact on Health, Environment, Economy

Hydraulic fracturing of Marcellus Shale

Methane Gas from Marcellus Shale Drilling

Marcellus Shale Gas Economics

Health impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling

Pennsylvania Fracking

Fracking in Virginia

Lesson From Wyoming Fracking

Water Pollution from Fracking

Hydraulic Fracturing Poses Substantial Water Pollution Risks

Methane in drinking water wells

Abandoned gas wells leak

Natural Gas Leaks Discovered in Boston

Methane Leaks Under Streets of Boston

Methane leaks make fracking dirty

Fracking effects real estate values

Fracking stimulates earthquakes

Protecting Gas Pipelines From Earthquakes

Gas Pipeline Earthquake - Simulations

America's crumbling pipelines

Averting Pipeline Failures

Dangers to Underground Pipelines

Gas Pipelines Could Serve as Wireless Links

Government Action needed on a National Energy Policy

EPA Releases Update on Ongoing Hydraulic Fracturing Study

Solar Booster Shot for Natural Gas Power Plants

Natural Gas Pricing Reform to Facilitate Carbon Tax Policy

Investing in fracking

What Oil Prices Have in Store?

Methane Out, Carbon Dioxide In

Health impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling

Professor Ingraffea

Anti-Fracking Billboard

Natural Gas Drilling

Threats to Biodiversity

Pronghorn Migration
hindered by gas development

Microbes in a Fracking Site

Protozoa May Hold Key to World Water Safety

Shale Gas Production

Research into the Fracking Controversy

Convert Methane Into Useful Chemicals

Methane Natural Gas Into Diesel

'Natural Gas' at the molecular level

Arctic Methane risks

Arctic Methane Seeps

Great Gas Hydrate Escape

Undersea Methane Seep Ecosystem

Methane in the Atmosphere of Early Earth

Methane Natural Gas Linked to Climate Change

Cutting Methane Pollutants Would Slow Sea Level Rise

Coal Seam & Shale Gas

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In 2003 a Chinese gas well blowout killed 233 people.

Chevron pipeline explodes, burns in rural Texas

Nov 14, 2013 - Reuters reports - A Chevron Corp pipeline exploded near a tiny Texas town south of Dallas on Thursday, shooting flames high in the air and prompting evacuations from nearby homes and a school district, but no injuries were reported, the company and emergency officials said.

Milford's volunteer fire chief, Mark Jackson, told Dallas' WFAA-TV that about 200 students in the town's school district were evacuated, and officials closed off numerous roads around the fire.

A local CBS-TV affiliate broadcast footage of big flames rising from a field and engulfing what appeared to be a drilling rig or other large piece of equipment. Several nearby pickup trucks were burned.

FoxNews reported: "Residents in Milford and the nearby towns of Italy and Maypearl were among those asked to evacuate. Students in Milford have been transported to other schools. Large flames could be seen rising from an open field after the explosion."


Emergent situation, Toowoomba November 14, 2013 at 8:34 pm
Police and emergency crews are at the scene of excavations in Toowoomba.

Information suggests that storm activity may cause excavations to collapse and rupture a gas line in that area.

An emergent situation has been declared and traffic has been diverted.

Evacuations are underway around the area whilst emergency crews attempt to rectify the situation.

Police and emergency crews are evacuating areas within Ruthven Street, Campbell Street, Hume Street and Margaret Street.

Public are advised to follow directions of police and emergency crews.


Santos spends $17M on Pilliga spill clean-up

24 Jun 2013 - ABC - Coal seam gas explorer, Santos, says it's spent $17-million rehabilitating contaminated coal seam gas water spills in the Pilliga State Forest.

The toxic leaks occurred two years ago when Eastern Star Gas was the operator.

The state government has announced it's launching a prosecution against Santos in the Land and Environment Court over the spills.

Santos' Manager of Environment and Water, Alan Feeley, has told the ABC's 7.30 NSW "No, I wouldn't say the damage is significant, I would say it's very unacceptable practice, but in reality we're talking about 3.5 hectares in the Pilliga out of 500,000 hectares with salt in it," he said.

"It's been described as a toxic waste but, to be realistic about it, that was comparing the guidelines to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and no one drinks black water out of a puddle in the forest to my knowledge."




2004 Ethanol explosion, Port Kembla Steelworks

AWU Calls for Inquiry into Ethanol Explosion - Wednesday 28th January 2004 The Australian Workers’ Union has called for the NSW State Government to immediately convene an inquiry into the explosion this morning of an Ethanol Tank behind the Port Kembla steelworks.





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